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Some Suggestions on How to Use Our Wish Lists

Lead a “drive”

Create flyers with the important information such as:

    • for whom you are collecting
    • what you are collecting
    • when the drive will end
    • where the container for collection is located

You can use the entire list, or break it down into a particular category such as board games, toys, hygiene products, etc.  We have simplified this list down into specific categories, and can email you copies of the list if needed.

Have a party!

When you have a gathering, you can have the price of admission be an item from the Wish List.

“Adopt” Us

Make a longer commitment, and each month, or every other month, or twice a year – whatever works for you- donate items from a specific category on our Wish List.  For example; February could be pajama month, July could be school clothes month, November could be gift card month, etc.

Casa de los Niños Care Packages

These are pre-made kits to help our children and families have all that they need for different situations, such as a Birthday in a Bag, Good Night Bag, or First day of School Bag.  See our Care Packages listing for more information.


Thank you for your willingness to help and your generous support!

If we can be of any help, or answer any questions, please call:

Mikaela Ross
(520) 624-5600 ext. 10207
Contact Mikaela