Donating to the Thrift Store

Make a Donation to our Thrift Store

Donations are now accepted Tuesday – Saturday from 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM.

Donation pick ups are not available at this time.

Donations we cannot accept

Donations we cannot accept

Due to safety reasons set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and the rising cost of disposal, the following are items we are not able to accept as donations.

We appreciate your understanding and will try out best to find an alternative if we cannot accept your donation.

Hazardous or flammable items


Building & construction materials


Furniture badly damaged

Any leather furniture that is cracked, peeling or worn

Televisions that are not flat-screens

Commercial office equipment

Upright and grand pianos

Tires & rims

Automobile parts

Any mattress or box spring that has rips, stains, tears or water damage

Built‐in appliances (dishwashers/microwaves)

Non‐working appliances

Opened cosmetics


Encyclopedia sets

Blinds (only acceptable if new in box)

Wet or soiled clothing & linens

Drop side cribs

Car seats which have been involved in an accident

Anything deemed unsafe or un‐sellable by staff

We are able to accept donations of vehicles, RV’s, motorcycles, boats and most trailers

Tax Deductions

Check first with your tax preparer, but it is permissible to claim income tax deductions for the re-sale value of most items donated to a non-profit organization. That said, we offer this small word of warning, you must estimate the value of these items, we cannot.

You are responsible for answering any inquiries or substantiating any deductions claimed on your returns. Casa de los Niños is prohibited by law from estimating the value of any donated item.

Donations of vehicles, RVs, motorcycles, boats and trailers are also tax deductible. Most donated vehicles are sold at public auction, with proceeds from the sale going to the charity. You may only claim the amount realized from the auction of your vehicle – NOT the Kelly Blue Book value of the vehicle when donated. In most cases, the auction price is less than the Blue Book price for donated vehicles.

Please refer to the following websites for more information:

Non Cash Charitable Contributions (IRS FORM 8283) 
Charitable Contributions (IRS Publication 526) 
Determining the Fair Value of Property (IRS Publication 561)