Diana Uriarte Garcia
Child & Family Therapist

Master of Social Work – Arizona State University

Coping Skills, Social Skills, Mood Regulation, Depression & Anxiety

Types of Therapies Offered
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Internal Family Systems
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


Through my career as a student and now as a therapist my interests lays in learning more about emotions and internal thoughts. Through this work I look to inspire the inner child in all people to play and heal in order to live the best quality of life. I have a passion for accepting and loving the inner child that invites us to play with toys and make room for imagination. I have discovered my love for this exact thing through my love for all things Disney. I aim to create a safe and loving environment for everyone that walks through the doors of my Disney room (office), in which Disney toys will greet you and love you. Once inside, we work together to achieve the individual goals of all my members, this is done through acceptance, empathy and when needed challenges.