Bruce Kahler
Child & Family Therapist

Masters of Professional Counseling – Liberty University


Trauma recovery; Mindful awareness

Types of Therapies Offered
Person-Centered Therapy
Cognitive Therapy
Trauma Therapy (EMDR and aspects of Internal Family System Therapy)


My interest in pursuing counseling as helping profession began in 1973 while I was a psychology student at Penn State. My early belief in Carl Rogers’ client-centered approach to therapy was reinforced by the Recovery Philosophy movement in behavioral health, which insists on treating clients respectfully as equal partners in treatment and as capable of recovering from their mental/emotional symptoms. I also believe in the effectiveness of trauma treatment using methods such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing and Internal Family Systems Therapy and continue to enjoy helping clients recover from past trauma using these treatment approaches. I have served clients in 3 states (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Arizona) and have observed the similarities of people’s suffering and their potential to recover in each location.