Amber Poplewko-Armstrong

    Amber Poplewko-Armstrong
    Child & Family Therapist

    Bachelor of Social Work – Arizona State University
    Master of Social Work – Arizona State University


    Trauma & resiliency work, domestic violence, healthy relationships

    Types of Therapies Offered
    Cognitive Behavior Therapy
    Person-Centered Therapy
    Seeking Safety


    Since joining the field of community behavioral health five years ago, I have had the privilege of working with some outstanding and courageous individuals that have proven to me that however difficult life may get, there is always room for growth and healing. It is an honor for me to hear everyone’s unique story, so much so that I make it a priority to create a judgment-free zone that consists primarily of support, encouragement, and occasional humor since smiling and laughter can never hurt. As a therapist, I focus on the present moment, creating a conversation on how negative thoughts/belief patterns shape behaviors that may be leading to results a person does not want in their life. I believe that therapeutic progress is mainly achieved by the individual/family, each person has the answers within them, the therapists is there to help guide in finding those answers. I, along with Casa de los Ninos, make sure to create a safe space, accepting of various cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and sexual identities. Something unique about me: I was born in Japan and I love to travel!