25 Questions to consider as you inquire about becoming a foster, kinship, adoptive or developmental home provider

  1. How will my lifestyle change when I become a foster parent?
  2. Is my job flexible enough that I can ensure that the child attends medical and counseling appointments, or that I can stay home if the child is sick?
  3. How can I / my family benefit from being a foster parent?
  4. What do I know about raising a child?
  5. What resources do I have available to me?
  6. Do I know where my home school is? Daycare? Urgent care?
  7. Are we willing to care for a boy/girl?  A child with a different culture than ours? Different religious practices and beliefs?
  8. How does my family feel about being a foster family? What does my family have to offer?
  9. Does my extended family support this idea?
  10. Are my own children willing to give up toys? Time with their parents? Share a room?
  11. How will I be able to work with a child’s birth parent or primary caregiver?
  12. What do I know about behaviors? Trauma? Developmental delays? Drug exposure?
  13. Do I have valuables in my home that I would have to put away or secure?
  14. Financially can I meet the needs of another child? Two children?
  15. Do I have any medical needs that limit my ability to parent? Physically am I able to carry lift things?
  16. Mentally do I get stressed easily? Do I have medication that affects my level of alertness or energy?
  17. Am I willing to have professionals involved in the child’s case come to my home on a monthly basis? Weekly basis? Daily basis?
  18. Do I have safe reliable transportation? Can I fit another car seat in my car?
  19. Is my home in good repair? Are there any environmental dangers for a child? Can I afford to make necessary repairs? Am I willing to abide by health and safety guidelines?
  20. How will my dog or cat react to a child? A baby? A teen?
  21. How do I work in partnership with others? Am I able to collaborate with others? Can I keep my opinions to myself? Am I a team player?
  22. What are my expectations? Hopes? Desires?
  23. Can I support a child returning home to the people that caused the harm?
  24. What if I am investigated? What risk am I willing to expose my own children to?
  25. Can I ask for help? Can I identify that I need help?