Our Supervised Visitation Services provide supervised visitation, transportation, and one-on-one parenting skills sessions as requested by the Department of Child Safety for families working toward reunification.

The Supervised Visitation Services Program provides a range of support services, instruction, and assistance to parents or caregivers to improve their skills and ability to fulfill parenting roles and responsibilities.

Through supervised visitation, transportation of children, one-on-one parenting skills sessions, as well as on-going communication with The Department of Child Safety, the program is essential in the ultimate goal of reunification.

Client families can expect:

  • An opportunity to visit with family in a safe and secure, home-like setting.
  • Flexibility in scheduling visits as the program is open seven days a week.
  • Consideration of ADA needs, and sensitivity to the ethnic, cultural, and linguistic needs of the family.
  • An opportunity to provide feedback to improve the visitation sites as well as services as a whole.
  • To gain a wealth of new information from educated and experienced staff.

Eligibility is determined by The Department of Child Safety and services are referral driven.

Family reunification in child welfare refers to the process of returning children in temporary out-of-home care to their families of origin. Reunification is both the most common goal for children in out-of-home care as well as the most common outcome.

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