Our In-Home Services Program supports families, with the goal of preserving and reunifying the family through family-centered services that are comprehensive, coordinated, accessible, and culturally responsive.

In-Home Services focuses on improving the safety and well-being of children and families, enhancing family functioning, increasing competence in parenting abilities, fostering a sense of self-reliance, reducing risk factors, increasing protective factors, and stabilizing families.

In-Home Services serves families who are involved with the Department of Child Safety (DCS) at various levels ranging from voluntary to court ordered with short-term, time-limited services that are based on the needs, concerns and stressors of the child(ren) and families.  

Families involved with In-Home Services can expect:

  • Parent education
  • Individual, couples, and/or family counseling
  • Communication skills
  • Domestic violence intervention and/or education
  • Behavioral management/modification
  • Home management skills
  • Development of linkages to community resources


Most families who are involved with DCS are eligible to receive In Home Services.

Referrals are generated from DCS investigators or case managers.