Group Classes & Group Therapy

Group classes and therapy can benefit children and adults who are addressing a variety of behavioral and mental health issues and trauma. Casa de los Niños currently offer these groups:

  • Dinosaur School: Evidence-based social skills curriculum for children age 4-8
  • Incredible Years Parenting: evidence-based, age specific parenting groups to promote children’s social/emotional competence
  • Coping Skills Groups: to reduce anxious symptoms and improve coping skills for teens
  • Triple P Parenting Classes: evidence-based parenting groups to reduce parent stress and increase cooperative child behavior
  • Trauma-Informed Care Group: to increase understanding of the impact of trauma and how to buffer adverse experiences
  • Strong Kids Programs: offer social-emotional learning opportunities for children in grades K-12 with emphasis on skill building, promoting resilience and increasing ability to utilize adaptive coping skills

All closed groups stop accepting new members after the start date’s 2nd session. Open groups accept new members on an ongoing basis.

To register for a group or for more information, please contact our Behavioral Health Services at