Behavioral Health Services

Casa de los Niños provides behavioral and mental health services in a safe, supportive,
and non-judgmental environment for children, teens, and adults.


Our holistic approach considers the medical, physical, psychological and interpersonal backgrounds of each client. Areas of psychiatric service and expertise include:

  • Child psychiatry expertise for children and youth
  • Expertise in a broad range of adult mental health concerns
  • Psychiatric medication management for children and adults
  • Expertise in complex mental health concerns, including autism spectrum disorder, stress disorders, and trauma-related concerns
  • Expertise in specialty areas, including integrative and forensic psychiatry

Medical Team Members

Therapy Team Members

  • Alexis Zozaya


    • Amber Poplewko-Armstrong

      Trauma & Resiliency Work, Domestic Violence, Healthy Relationships

      • Angela Hiser-Martinez

        Children and Adolescents – Ages 9+, Transitional Age Youth – Age 16-23, Adults, and Families

        • Aseel Abushaar

          Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders, Self-Esteem, Child and Adolescents

          • Ashlee Kennedy

            Birth-5 & Early Childhood, Mood disorders, Caregiver-Child Relationships

            • Bruce Kahler

              Trauma Recovery, Mindful Awareness

              • Carrianne Connors

                Individual, family, and group counseling for children, adolescents, teens, and families

                • Cassaundra (Cassie) Loller

                  Adolescents, Young Adults, Families and Trauma Exposed Youth

                  • Cathleen Phelan

                    Birth to Five, Early Childhood Mental Health

                    • Desirae Cruz-Bailey

                      Early Childhood Mental Health, Birth to Five, Parent-Child Relationship

                      • Diana Uriarte Garcia

                        Coping Skills, Social Skills, Mood Regulation, Depression, Anxiety

                        • Diane Delp


                          • Farrah Sanchez

                            Teens and Young Adults

                            • Gretchen Harris

                              Child & Family Therapist

                              • Heidi Long

                                LGBTQ, Families, Couples, B-5, Attachment Traumas

                                • Jennifer Key

                                  Children, Teens, Adults, Families and Couples

                                  • Jessica Barnes

                                    Birth to Five

                                    • Jill Sena

                                      Children and Teens, Parenting, Trauma

                                      • Julia Peddy

                                        Ages 5 and Up

                                        • Julie Lopez

                                          Children and Adolescents – Ages 7-13 years, Trauma, Grief and Loss, Life Transitions, Self-Esteem, and Peer Relationships (Social Skills).

                                          • Kaitlyn Meyerowitz

                                            Children and Teens ages 6-16 who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, anger management, and self-esteem concerns

                                            • Katie Frischenmeyer

                                              Child & Family Therapist

                                              • Laura Epperson

                                                Children – Ages 6-17 years old, Attachment, Trauma, Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse, Grief and Loss, Domestic Violence and Removal by DCS

                                                • Lourdes Lopez-Escobar

                                                  Young children (Ages 0 – 10), Certified Grief and Loss Professional

                                                  • Margaret (Maggie) Bellino

                                                    Maladaptive Sexual Behaviors, Sexual Abuse, Trauma in children, adolescents, and adults

                                                    • Melissa Hendrickson

                                                      Child & Family Therapist

                                                      • Nicole Linn

                                                        Child & Family Therapist

                                                        • Nohemi Maciel

                                                          Birth to Five

                                                          • Oralia Anda

                                                            Children, Teens, Family, Adults, Trauma Informed, Healthy Relationships, Anger Management, Nurtured Heart Approach, Parenting

                                                            • Rachel Sommerfield

                                                              Birth to Five, Children and Adolescents, Trauma-Based

                                                              • Ruben Aroz

                                                                Clinical Supervisor

                                                                • Sari Emami

                                                                  EMDR, Play Therapy, Trauma, Sexual Abuse

                                                                  • Sawyer Scantlebury

                                                                    Birth – 5 (and their families), therapy groups with caregivers with a focus on relationship enhancement and parenting skills

                                                                    • Sean Seeba

                                                                      Families, Teens, Adults, DCS Involved Families, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Adoptive Families

                                                                      • Shalonda McAdams Marshall

                                                                        Teens and Adults – Individual, group therapy, healthy relationships, anxiety and/or depression, trauma, & self-esteem building

                                                                        • Shawna McKee

                                                                          Autism and Special Needs, ADHD/ADD, Birth to Five, Anxiety, Anger, Grief/Loss, Parent Child Relationship Therapy

                                                                          • Skylar Cook

                                                                            Couples, Families, Teens

                                                                            • Sylvia Neal

                                                                              Sexual Abuse, Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Addictions, Anger, Violence and Abuse

                                                                              • Tamar Reed

                                                                                Preteens, Teens, Young Adults, Suicide Spectrum Behaviors, Complex Trauma, Gender and Sexual Minority Youth

                                                                                • Zulema Guerrero Ballesteros

                                                                                  Children (5-18), Domestic Violence, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Healthy Relationships, Anger Management


                                                                                  Our dedicated and experienced therapists have expertise in a variety of areas and approaches to help children (of all ages), and families address and heal from behavioral and mental health challenges. These include:

                                                                                  • Specialty in providing therapy for children birth to five years old
                                                                                  • Individual and group therapy for victims of domestic and/or family violence
                                                                                  • Therapists who work with youth who engage in sexually maladaptive behaviors
                                                                                  • Therapists who specialize in specific therapies, including:
                                                                                    • Play therapy
                                                                                    • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
                                                                                    • EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (for those who have experienced trauma)

                                                                                  Click on each therapist’s photo or name to view their bio and areas of focus.


                                                                                  Group classes and therapy can benefit children and adults who are addressing a variety of behavioral and mental health issues and trauma. Casa de los Niños currently offer these groups:

                                                                                  • Dinosaur School: Evidence-based social skills curriculum for children age 4-8
                                                                                  • Incredible Years Parenting: evidence-based, age specific parenting groups to promote children’s social/emotional competence
                                                                                  • Domestic Violence Groups: to help process experiences of domestic or family violence for adult survivors
                                                                                  • Coping Skills Groups: to reduce anxious symptoms and improve coping skills for teens
                                                                                  • Triple P Parenting Classes: evidence-based parenting groups to reduce parent stress and increase cooperative child behavior
                                                                                  • Trauma Informed Care Parenting: to increase understanding of the impact of trauma and how to buffer adverse experiences
                                                                                  • Cognitive Processing Therapy Group: to process experiences of trauma and manage symptoms for adult women who have experienced trauma
                                                                                  • Self Leadership Group: ongoing processing group to improve self awareness, self acceptance and self regulation for adults

                                                                                  Visit our Group page to learn more and register for these group sessions

                                                                                  How Do I Receive Services?

                                                                                  Services are provided to clients as well as their families. Families may have AHCCCS, KidsCare, or CMDP coverage.

                                                                                  All clients are offered services without discrimination by reason of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability or because of an individual’s inability to pay for the services.

                                                                                  Hours & Contact

                                                                                  Behavioral Health Services
                                                                                  Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm


                                                                                  To schedule an appointment or receive more information call (520) 624-5600 or Contact Us.


                                                                                  Contact our 24 Crisis Line at (520) 326-1365


                                                                                  Our office is located at
                                                                                  1120 N. 5th Avenue
                                                                                  Tucson, AZ 85705

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