Nurse-Family Partnership

Program Goals

To improve pregnancy outcomes

To improve child health and development

To improve economic self-sufficiency of the family

Providing exceptional care for first time moms

Casa de los Niños will support you by providing a free personal registered nurse who will visit you in your home during your entire pregnancy, and continue until your baby turns two. Our nurses will provide support and assistance from prenatal care to education and development and everything else in between.

Fathers, family members and even friends are encouraged to attend visits and learn how they can best support the new mom.


How Does It Work?

Through the Nurse-Family Partnership, you will be connected with a nurse who will visit every week or two from the start of your pregnancy up until your baby is two years.

After you deliver your baby, the nurse who helped you prepare for all the stages of your pregnancy will still be there for you – through breastfeeding, bathing your baby, and changing diapers. She’ll answer all your questions about pregnancy, and after your baby is born will talk with you about talking to your little one – and about planning goals so that your family has a good future.

Benefits of the Nurse-Family Partnership Program

Your nurse will help you:

  • Have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.
  • Become a stronger parent.
  • Build a strong network of support for you and your baby.
  • Make your home a safe place for your baby to live and play.
  • Get referrals for health care, child care, job training and other support services available in your community.
  • Find ways to continue your education and develop job skills.
  • Set goals for your family’s future and find ways to help you reach them.

In 2018 Nurse-Family Partnership Helped


“It is amazing to have Audrey come to my home…I look forward to our visits so much. Working with my nurse, I learn so much about developmental milestones, and it helps me to be a better mom.” – Rita, Nurse-Family Partnership Client

Are You Eligible for Nurse-Family Partnership?

The Nurse-Family Partnership is a free program for young women who are:

Pregnant with their first child.

Less than 28 weeks pregnant.

Meet income requirements.

Living in Pima County.

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Funded in part by the Bureau of Women’s and Children’s Health as made available through the Arizona Department of Health Services, through the DHHS Maternal, Infant, and early Childhood Home Visiting Program.

Support for Nurse-Family Partnership is provided by a grant from First Things First, which partners with families and communities to give all Arizona children the opportunity to arrive at kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed. Learn more at