Parenting Classes Make a Big Difference

Stephanie Castillo-Leon – Community Education & Outreach Coordinator

For those of us raising children, parenting is one of the biggest, challenging, yet most rewarding jobs we will take on. Take yourself out of your parent role for a second, and think about another challenge you were tasked with – running a marathon, interviewing for that big job, attempting a home improvement project. Did you just close your eyes and hope for the best, or did you prepare? Did you train? Did you ask someone for advice or for support? Of course you did!

With most areas in our life, asking for help is a common practice. Yet, it’s not the same approach for parenting. Many of us feel that parenting should be intuitive. If we love our kids enough, everything will all fall into place.

Parents often reach out to me feeling overwhelmed and isolated. They say, “I am doing the best I can to raise my daughter alone,” “I am beginning to feel overwhelmed and stressed,” “I don’t know what to do anymore.” Every parent runs into challenges along the way. This is why every parent needs an effective parenting approach that works for each child at every stage of development. Parenting education, just like all learning – is a lifelong process.

Taking parenting classes now can help you prevent serious problems later on. Parenting classes can help you:

  • Learn about child development for all ages and stages, from babies to teenagers
  • Practice new strategies to improve communication with your children
  • Identify new, positive discipline techniques
  • Discover ways to help you deal with the stress and challenges of parenting
  • Interact and engage with other parents

Ultimately, parenting classes make the biggest impact in increasing confidence. Parents who have taken classes have said, “all the classes that Casa de los Niños offers are empowering and helpful.” Parents feel that “it is helpful to be reminded that we are not all perfect and that the person teaching the class is not here to tell me I am doing a bad job but to encourage me to keep up the good work. I appreciate them being so understanding and not judging who I am as a parent.”

The Community Education & Outreach program at Casa de los Niños is here to offer classes that meet your family needs and help you support your children, setting them  up for success in the future. To learn more about our classes go to