Why Should Parents Take Parenting Classes?

By Carol Weigold – Child Abuse Prevention Coordinator

Ask yourself these questions:
• What kind of character traits do I want my child to have?
• What kind of relationship do I want to have with my child twenty years from now?

Parenting classes can give you better insight into your children and your style of parenting so that you can become the best parent you can be. Classes designed around child development, parenting and discipline styles, effective communication and how to deal with feelings will provide you with resources, skills and techniques to use at home when interacting with your children. Most parenting classes will teach parents to understand their role as a parent better. Based on the age of your child and the class content you may learn about having appropriate expectations for your toddler or how to learn to communicate better with your teenage child.

Parenting classes offer you the opportunity to learn basic parenting skills, practice positive guidance, ask questions in a safe setting, gain resources from the presenter and make new friends with others who may be dealing with similar parenting issues. Parents can choose the best parenting method based upon your own knowledge of your child. These classes can help you deal with daily parenting issues and problems, as well as help you understand why problems arise and if what you are experiencing is normal or may require professional help. You might discover that there are many other ways to approach problems, as well as other methods for disciplining and guiding your children. Attending a class might leave you with a new perspective on your parenting style and the relationship you have with your children.

Regardless of the age of your children, or your family situation, attending parenting classes can help you become more confident as a parent, establish a better relationship with your children and help you raise them to be kind, productive, successful and thrive in our society.

All stages of parenthood can be challenging and children definitely do not come with instruction manuals!

Consider attending a parenting class at Casa de los Niños. We offer many topics and classes vary depending on the ages of your children. All classes are free. Check out our website for the current schedules of our parenting classes in English and Spanish.

  • Luke Smith

    I like what the article said about classes teaching parents basic skills in parenting, and positive guidance. I know when I became a father a class like this will help me feel more prepared. Maybe it will help people that have been parents for years.