Parenting Tips

10 Tips for Effective Daily Parenting

Parenting is rewarding! It’s also the most challenging job you’ll ever have!

Hug your child- Feeling loved and safe helps your child build confidence and sense of worth. Never withhold affections.

Monitor your child- Young children need to be watched constantly. Know what your child is reading, listening to or playing with. Limit TV, video games and fun computer use to no more than 2 hours a day.

Notice and reward good behavior – Give your child praise and attention for good behavior. Be sure to have realistic expectations for behavior based on your child’s age.

Be consistent- Consistency is reassuring to your child. It is an important part of discipline. Always follow through with consequences you’ve set for unacceptable behavior.

Set a good example- Teach with actions- not just words. Let your child see your values of honesty, respectful, fair and hard working. Choose your words and actions with care.

Challenge your child- This will help with developing confidence and independence. Help your child set goals.

Talk with your child- Stay connected! Be aware of what your child is thinking, feeling and doing. Really listen.

Foster good health-Each day provide 3 healthy meals plus healthy snacks. Your child needs plenty of rest and physical activity. Make sure your child gets all needed vaccines and regular dental and health checkups.

Read together- Read to young children. Let older children read to you.

Take care of your own body and spirit- It helps keep you energized and is a good example for your child. Get professional advice on parenting issues if you need it. Learn to manage your stress.

You make the difference in your child’s life. Put your parenting skills to work every day!

Prepared by Casa de los Niños – Parent Education Program