Child Abuse Intervention


Casa de los Niños recruits, licenses, and certifies individuals and families who wish to provide excellent temporary foster care for and who wish to be a permanent home for abused and/or neglected children. We help families through the licensing  and adoption process.

In fiscal year 2014, this program placed 346 children in foster care and Casa de los Niños had 151 foster families.

Once these parents are licensed and have children placed in their homes, the Casa de los Niños Foster Care Program provides them with ongoing education and support they need to be successful with their fostering experience.

If you would like to learn more about the rewards of becoming a foster parent, click here or call us at (520) 326-8250. We look forward to talking with you.

Training at Casa de los Niños

Casa de los Niños will be accepting referrals for AZPS-MAPP, Deciding Together training for families interested in Foster Care and/or Adoption and unlicensed Kinship families. Casa de los Niños Training Specialists are knowledgeable in the PS-MAPP/DT Training curriculum and methodology. PS-MAPP/DT is a process to prepare foster parents to make an informed decision about becoming a resource parent and help participants decide if their expectations and abilities match the realities of fostering and adopting. This on-going assessment provides additional support to increase foster applicants’ likelihood of success in completing PS-MAPP/DT and becoming licensed.

PS-MAPP Training Schedule

Horario de Clases

Training for Caring for Medically Complex Children

Casa de los Niños also offers an advanced training for foster and adoptive providers that are interested in Caring for a Medically Complex Child (CMCC). A medically complex child is a “child with special healthcare needs as determined by the Department of Child Safety and includes children who have or at risk for a chronic physical or developmental conditions”. CMCC can only be offered to providers that are licensed with the State of Arizona. The training curriculum provides families with the following:

  • an introduction to DCS policies and procedures for caring for a child with complex medical needs,
  • review of some of the most common medical conditions for children, and
  • resources available to assist in the child’s care.

Our goal is to increase the number of providers that are able to care for children with Medically Complex needs in a home instead of children having to remain in hospital care.

Child Specific Recruitment

Casa de los Niños believes that every child deserves a forever home. In Arizona in 2013, there were 1,169 children that were legally free for adoption with no identified permanent placement. Through the efforts of Child Specific Recruitment it is our goal to assist in providing better permanency outcomes for in out-of-home care and work with the children to prepare him/her for adoption.

Casa de los Niños is accepting Child Recruitment Referrals from Arizona Department of Child Safety (ADCS) for children and sibling groups who are legally free for adoption and in need of a forever home. Child Specific Recruiter reaches out to families who are interested in adoption and individuals who may be related or had a significant relationship with the child. Casa de los Niños will certify families or individuals for adoption, and accept families who have already been certified to adopt or foster. The Child Specific Recruiter coordinates with the child/ren and certified families to find the best match. After, a forever home has been identified the Child Specific Recruiter will monitor the home for period of six months and assist with the adoption finalization process.  To learn more about children waiting to be matched to a forever home, contact Nina Hurtado, Child Specific Recruitment Specialist at 520.326.8250.

Right now we are helping to find forever homes for the following children:

Why Choose Casa de los Niños for Foster Care and Adoption?


Children who are at risk or have experienced abuse or neglect receive secure shelter, medical care, and critical assistance. Children in our shelter experience much needed stability before they safely return home, enter a foster home or are reunified with family.

Casa de los Niños is licensed to accommodate 48 children. Our focus is the care of children younger than 12. Our specialty is the stabilization of youngsters with medical problems.

In fiscal year 2014, the Crisis Shelter served 434 children and 267 families.

In addition to providing a safe, loving environment for all our young guests, Casa de los Niños offers around-the-clock medical care.

Most children are placed in the shelter by government agencies and local hospitals. In some cases, they were taken from their previous home for their own protection. Casa de los Niños cares for these youngsters while CPS case managers decide if the child should go back to the parents, to relatives or to a foster home.

In other instances, youngsters are at Casa de los Niños because they are medically vulnerable and their parents lack the resources to provide adequate care. Often-times our staff will help teach parents how to deal with the healthcare challenges faced by the child.

Casa de los Niños also offers a voluntary placement program for families who need time to address their own challenges. The caregiver may need to be hospitalized for a procedure, for example. We will give the child a safe and caring home until the parent is able to resume a normal life.



During supervised visits required by Child Protective Services for family reunification, parents are helped to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to safely reunify their families.


In-Home Services provides intensive counseling and parent education to at-risk parents to maintain family stability. This program began providing services in fiscal year 2013.


This program offers a variety of services for parents and/or caregivers involved with Child Protective Services to give parents the tools they need to meet goals and reunify families.