Free, interactive family enrichment classes for parents, child care providers, and professionals. Classes address  current parenting challenges, and help to keep families strong and reduce child abuse and neglect.

The Community Education & Outreach program keeps children safe by;

  • educating parents how to use effective positive discipline techniques;
  • increasing parental awareness and knowledge related to child development, parenting, and child-rearing;
  • increasing satisfaction related to the quality of parent-child communications and interactions.

Our family enrichment classes provide a diverse list of topics to meet the needs of parents, caregivers, and social workers – working together to create better outcomes for children and their families.

By attending our family enrichment classes, participants can expect to:

  • Learn about child development from birth to adolescence
  • Learn strategies to improve communication with your children
  • Learn positive guidance and discipline techniques
  • Learn how to deal with the stress and challenges of parenting
  • Have fun with other parents

All family enrichment classes are FREE and open to the community – including parents, foster families, caregivers, and social workers.  For help finding classes that best meet your needs contact Stephanie Castillo-Leon at (520) 624-5600 ext. 10401.

*Classes are offered in both English and Spanish

First things firstFunder info:

Funding is made possible by: First Things First, United Way of Southern Arizona, Nurtured Parenting Programs, City of Tucson.

Support for Nurse-Family Partnership is provided by a grant from First Things First, which partners with families and communities to give all Arizona children the opportunity to arrive at kindergarten healthy and ready to succeed. Learn more at