Casa de los Niños believes that every child deserves a forever home. In Arizona in 2013, there were 1,169 children that were legally free for adoption with no identified permanent placement. Through the efforts of our Child Specific Recruiter, our goal is to assist in providing forever homes for children available for adoption.

Casa de los Niños accepts referrals from the Arizona Department of Child Safety (ADCS) for children and sibling groups who are legally free for adoption and in need of a forever home. Our Child Specific Recruiter reaches out to families who are interested in adoption and individuals who may be related or had a significant relationship with the child. Casa de los Niños will certify families or individuals for adoption, and accept families who have already been certified to adopt or foster. The Child Specific Recruiter coordinates with the child/ren and certified families to find the best match. After a forever home has been identified, the Child Specific Recruiter will monitor the home for period of six months and assist with the adoption finalization process.  To learn more about children waiting to be matched to a forever home, contact our Child Specific Recruitment Specialist at 520.326.8250.

Children in Need of a Forever Home: