Foster Care

The best place for a child is in a home.

Casa de los Niños provides the best experience for foster families and those seeking adoption certification by providing you with timely information, emotional support and encouragement.

Becoming a foster parent takes time and commitment, and we are here to help.

Foster families play a vital role in helping children who have experienced trauma by:

  • providing a stable, loving home
  • supporting the biological family to help them heal and grow
  • working in partnership with other professionals to meet the child’s unique needs
  • patiently addressing the child’s medical, behavioral and emotional needs
  • attending trainings to develop and maintain skills relevant to foster care

We welcome single and two-parent families and have no restrictions based on religious beliefs, ethnicity or sexual orientation. We provide extensive support to families who are raising relative children.

If you think foster care or adoption may be a good fit for your family, call 520.326.8250

Or complete the online contact form below.

Why choose Casa de los Niños?
Support and help with the formal licensing and adoption process
PS-MAPP, Medically fragile, Ongoing and Advanced trainings
Planned respite care
Foster Family Support Specialist 24-hour emergency availability
Support & advocacy in navigating the child welfare system
Support/Training groups for foster parents
Mentoring from experienced foster parents
Opportunities to commune with other foster families through planned social events
Assistance with adoption
Becoming a Foster Parent
Basic requirements
Must be 21 years of age or older
Must be a legal resident in Arizona
Pass a criminal history background check
Obtain a valid DPS Level One Fingerprint Card
Earn sufficient to meet your family’s needs
Pass a State home inspection
Complete 30 hours of PS-MAPP training
Complete 3 hours of RPPS training
Becoming an Adoptive Parent
Basic requirements
Age requirement of 18 years old
Valid fingerprint clearance card
Pass a criminal history back ground check
Must be a legal resident of Arizona
Can be single, married, divorced, or widowed
Own or rent your home
Must be physically and emotionally healthy