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Arizona Tax Credit Information


Arizona Tax Credit Information

Directing your tax credits to Casa de los Niños is a win/win for you and the children and families who need your help. It’s a great way to give to a good cause and meet your financial goals as well.

Did you know…

Even though it’s now 2017, you can still make a donation you can use on your 2016 taxes, because beginning in 2016, credit eligible contributions made to Qualifying Foster Care Charitable Organizations that are made on or before April 15th, 2017, may be applied to either the 2016 or 2017 tax year.

In Arizona, tax credits are a great way to reduce your taxes and support local non-profits and schools.  A tax credit is not a tax deduction, rather a credit that can reduce what you owe in state taxes.  By donating to qualified organizations like Casa de los Niños, that amount is credited to your state taxes.

Casa de los Niños is a Qualified Foster Care Organization, giving you a tax credit of up to $500 for an individual and $1000 for married couples.

This tax credit allows you to redirect your state tax dollars, up to $500 as an individual and $1000 as a married couple, to Casa de los Niños.

To make your Tax Credit Donation:

Online Use your credit card to donate online

By mail: 

1101 N 4th Ave

Tucson, AZ. 85705

To claim your credit:

You or your accountant complete a simple form (AZ Dept. of Revenue form 352), and send it along with your state tax return.

Have more questions?

Learn more – use this link to learn more about Arizona Tax Credits to Qualifying Foster Care Organizations

Please note: Casa de los Niños is not a tax adviser, please consult with your tax professional for expert advice.