Arizona Tax Credit Information

Directing your tax credits to Casa de los Niños is a win/win for you and the children and families who need your help. It’s a great way to give to a good cause and meet your financial goals as well.

Did you know…

  • You can receive a dollar for dollar tax credit (up to $900 single or $1800 married) on your Arizona Tax Return for your donations made by December 31st of each year.

tax credit


To make your Tax Credit Donation:

Online: Use your credit card to donate online
By mail: If you are mailing in your donation, be sure your gift is postmarked by December 31st.

To claim your credit:

You or your accountant complete a simple form (AZ Dept. of Revenue form 321), and send it along with your state tax return.

Have more questions?

Learn more about Arizona Tax Credits to Qualifying Charitable and Foster care Organizations

Please note: Casa de los Niños is not a tax adviser, please consult with your tax professional for expert advice. You may claim a tax credit for voluntary contributions you make during a taxable year (cash, check, or credit card). The tax credit applies directly against your tax liability. To benefit from the credit in the current year, you must have an Arizona liability of at least the amount of your donation(s). If your Arizona tax liability is less than the credit this year, you may carry the credit forward.

If you make contributions to both types of charities, the total maximum credit allowed is $400 for single/head of household and $800 for married.