Job Identification

Job Title:

Child Specific Recruiter


Child & Family Services


Foster Care

Wage Category:


Reports To:

Foster Care Program Supervisor

Written By:

Director, Child & Family Services

Approved By:

Chief Executive Officer

Date Revised:

February 2015

Job Summary:

The Foster Family Child Specific Recruiter is responsible for identifying adoptive families for children in out-of-home care and working with the child to prepare him/her for adoption. Responsibilities include developing an individualized plan to obtain placement with a particular child based on the child’s background including children who can be more difficult to place through traditional recruitment techniques, such as older children, sibling groups, or those who are medically complex or who have behavioral health issues. Demonstrated expertise in child/youth assessment, child/youth preparation, and collaboration that blends services and resources to meet the child/youth’s needs in the best way possible is essential.

Essential Duties:

  • Create and maintain confidential case files in compliance with governmental and agency regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Mine case files to identify lost connections and engage direct contact with relatives, friends, former caregivers, kin, collaterals and other significant adults to identify potential adoptive families.
  • Ability to complete and implement a Child Specific Recruitment Plan (CSRP);
  • Ability to work with children of varying ages to prepare mentally and emotionally for transition to an adoptive placement.
  • Ability to glean information through interviews with the child, the child’s current and/or recent placements, the ADCS Specialist and/or other individuals as appropriate.
  • Familiarity working with a child using an approved ADCS curriculum(s) to prepare the child for adoption.
  • Knowledge of use of customized marketing tools to recruit potential adoptive families.
  • Provide outreach throughout community to educate stakeholders regarding the problem of waiting children and plan for a community response.
  • Plan and attend adoption home recruitment activities.
  • Facilitate child/youth groups to garner peer support as appropriate;
  • Maintain client records in compliance with Casa de los Niños and governmental requirements.
  • Must obtain and maintain certification in First Aid, CPR and agency approved crisis intervention training.
  • Must obtain 48 hours of job competency training in first year of employment and 24 hours each year thereafter.
  • Must drive on behalf of the agency and may be required to transport clients to and from appointments, meetings and/or other relevant errands.

Agency Expectations:

  • Adheres to agency policies & procedures.
  • Acts as a role model within and outside the agency.
  • Performs duties as workload necessitates.
  • Maintains a positive and respectful attitude.
  • Communicates regularly with supervisor about department issues.
  • Demonstrates flexible and efficient time management skills and ability to prioritize workload.
  • Meets department performance/productivity standards.
  • Must complete New Hire Orientation Training.


  •  The position requires a minimum of two years’ experience in the child welfare or closely related field with expertise of the dependency system in tandem with a thorough understanding of concurrent case planning and the concept of permanency; knowledge of delivery of developmentally appropriate practice, understanding of early childhood development and  brain development; working with children with special needs; child and family centered practice; cultivating attachment and bonding; impact of grief and loss on a child; collaboration and multidisciplinary teams; engaging children in their treatment and permanency planning; working with and supporting foster/adoptive families to achieve successful placement outcomes; skill in both individual and family group processes; and demonstrated skills in major job categories. Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred. Must become familiar with the all applicable administrative codes and state and federal statues as may be amended.
  • Must demonstrate knowledge and application of the cultural situations involved in the treatment of the child and family.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in the timely and accurate maintenance of clinical records according to agency standards, appropriate professional boundaries and ethics specific to the agency and professional position/certification; understanding and complying with agency policies and procedures including behavior management, ethics and documentation.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in the professional, timely interacting with internal and external customers and community professionals and knowledge of community resources; educational activities and training, including behavior management and life skills; positive parenting skills, and referral sources; adult training in group settings, agency curricula and general public awareness.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in working in a team environment including other professions.
  • Must demonstrate proficiency in providing timely, accurate and complete required periodic home evaluations/re-evaluations and on-going monitoring visits; knowledge and application of licensing and certification regulations, evaluating changing home environment and recommending appropriate corrective action when needed.
  • Must have a valid Arizona driver’s license and meet coverage qualifications of the Casa de los Niños automobile insurance provide.

Other Relevant Information


  • Reports to the Foster Care Program Supervisor
  • Recruits child specific adoptive homes
  • Representative to the community and governmental representative

Working Conditions:

  • The working conditions of the Foster Family Recruiter/Trainer vary greatly, due to the nature of the in-home work.
  •  Most of the time is spent traveling to and working in clients home.
  • The Foster Family Recruiter/Trainer may be exposed to any environmental or situational hazards that may occur in homes.  The remainder of the time is spent working in the office or in meetings at other agencies.
  • The Foster Family Recruiter/Trainer must be available to the Foster Care Supervisor for questions or concerns.
  • The Foster Family Recruiter/Trainer is on-call by cell phone 24 hours a day during weekdays and as scheduled on weekends for clients.

Physical Demands:

  • Inquire with Supervisor.

Level of Supervision:

  • Low