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Night for Children

Casa de los Niños invites YOU to hold a party to increase public awareness about how child abuse and neglect can be prevented and why it is important to our community to prevent it.

Casa de los Ninos Night for ChildrenWhy Casa de los Niños believes this is a good thing to do: Because every child, regardless of where they live and regardless of wealth, has a right to healthy and loving experiences as a child so they can start life with the greatest possible advantages.

Throughout April, Child Abuse Prevention Month, supporters across our community gather in homes, restaurants, clubs, campuses and places of worship to have fun and take action for children. These events could substitute presents at birthday parties, religious ceremonies, anniversaries, family reunions, or other special celebrations with donations to Casa de los Niños.

We invite you to host a Night for Children event!


  • Private Parties
    Hosted by individuals for friends and family
  • Community Events
    Fox Theater, Gaslight Theater, Golf n’ Stuff
  • Promotions by Business
    Bars, restaurants, retailers, home based cosmetic demonstrations or other business sales meetings
    These promotions can include percentage of sales donations, and similar activities


To register your party, please complete and submit our online form.