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Every day in Arizona, about 12 children are abused or neglected. The effects of child abuse and neglect last a lifetime and are often passed along to the next generation. Through parent education and support for families, Casa de los Niños is working to break the generation-to-generation cycle of abuse. Learn more ›

Changing Lives

Holiday Hearts

Adopt-A-Family Program


Join our effort to make the holidays brighter for deserving children and families in need.


Sadly, many of our children and families have never known a happy holiday season. Join our Holiday Hearts Program. Your gift, big or small, can be the difference between a joyous or somber holiday season.


Please call Robyn Reid at 624-5600, or email robynr@casadelosninos.org to be matched with a family.

We have a blog!

Casa de los Niños is an active, dynamic organization.  There is always something new to learn, or a story to tell.



“It is clear that in this country, we invest too little too late, and by continuing down the path we are on we are not only losing the current generation, but are not removing barriers for those who have lived in poverty for generations.”


Read our latest blog post from Susie Huhn, CEO entitled “Ending Generations of poverty in our Community“.