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Every day in Arizona, about 12 children are abused or neglected. The effects of child abuse and neglect last a lifetime and are often passed along to the next generation. Through parent education and support for families, Casa de los Niños is working to break the generation-to-generation cycle of abuse. Learn more ›

Changing Lives

We need back to school clothing for the children


Remember getting ready for your first day of school?  You would set out your new clothes and decide what you wanted to wear.


The children at Casa de los Niños are just the same.  They want to wear new clothes to school too.


Please help by making a donation of new school clothing.


Learn more about our Back to School Clothing Drive

We have a blog!

Casa de los Niños is an active, dynamic organization.  There is always something new to learn, or a story to tell.



Meal Time at Casa de los Niños

“Many of the children in our shelter come from situations where they were not able to rely on their caregivers for food,” says Ken Jover, Pre-School Child Guidance Specialist. “Whether that meant having to fight with siblings to get enough to eat or with the caregivers themselves, food may not have always been secure for some of these children.”


Read our latest blog post from Teresa Shack, Food Service Manager, and Ken Jover and Anna Santa Cruz, Child Guidance Specialists

“Meal Time at Casa de los Niños”